Folklife & Ethnological Museum of Macedonia-Thrace


The Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia-Thrace explores and studies the traditional culture of recent times in the region of northern Greece. It gathers, preserves, safeguards and records the means with which the pre-modern man faced the basic life needs and organised their social and spiritual life. The Museum aims to present aspects of this collective life in a way that is beneficial to today’s man. Thus, it gives back to society what the society itself has entrusted to the Museum: to regroup the tangible and intangible evidence of the recent past and suggest it as probable and influential answers to the questions of today’s life.
Educational Programs
Every day other than Thursday: 9:00-15:30, Every Wednesday: 9:00 - 21:30
Vas. Olgas 68, Thessaloniki

Meet our guides

Irini Botsiou