Policy Cookies

MUSEOTEK S.A. uses cookies, aiming at making optimum and safer use of www.museotek.net website and the services provided through it.

Cookies are small-sized files including information that a website (more specifically, the web server) stores on a user’s computer, so that each time the user logs on the web site, the latter retrieves the information stored and offers related services to the user. www.museotek.net uses cookies that are deleted from the device used to access the web site as soon as navigation ends and browser closes (‘session cookies’), as well as, cookies that remain stored on this system even after the completion of the particular navigation and allow this action to be identified at the next time the user will visit the www.museotek.net web site (‘persistent cookies’).

Both above-mentioned cookies’ categories serve the service provision through www.museotek.net in the safest and easiest way for the website’s users, (a) by identifying users as registered ones, (b) by maintaining the information entered by users during their previous visits to www.museotek.net (in order for them to be easier and in a more proper way logged in the www.museotek.net web site during their next visit), or (c) by sharing information or content through social networking web sites whose are registered members/users.

Cookies’ categories used by www.museotek.net are:

  1. Essential

Necessary cookies for users’ page navigation and website’s proper function.

  1. Functional

Cookies that store user preferences and settings, in order to provide a more functional and personalized navigation.

  1. Performance and Analytics

Cookies that store anonymous information on how users interact with the web site and collect errors’ and performance statistics. This information helps improvement of services provided by the web site.

  1. Behaviorally Targeted Advertising (third parties’ cookies)

Cookies that store users’ preferences regarding services they have navigated to, in order to display to them relevant ads on third-party sites, commensurate to their interests.

You may change or withdraw your consent at any time through the {Cookies’ Settings} mechanism on our site. Alternatively, you may modify your web browser’s settings accordingly, in order to either alert you upon cookies’ use or prevent them from being used. Please note that, by deleting, blocking, rejecting, disabling certain categories of cookies, may make it difficult for us to provide certain services and / or information through our site.

For any additional information or clarification regarding this Cookies Policy, you may contact us by email at [email protected]