What is Museotek®?

Museotek® is the result of a partnership between TETRAGON, Uni Systems και Mobics, which with their significant experience and know-how in their respective fields (Holistic Branding & Design, Information Technology and Internet Services) contributed to the realisation of their common vision: to maintain and strengthen the museums’ contact with people and people’s contact with culture.

It is an innovative digital platform and application that allows remote and real-time tours of Schools in Museums and Cultural Sites throughout Greece.

From the Museum, the experienced curator / museum educator transfers images and knowledge to the classroom via live, dynamic and personalised communication with the students.

From the School, students enjoy a comprehensive educational experience through specially designed educational programmes, tour scenarios with rich audiovisual material and exciting artistic activities.

Now the field trip to the Museum is digital...
and the experience is unique!


It’s easy

All the curator / museum educator needs is a mobile phone with a camera.

All the School needs is the equipment it already has – computer, video projector and internet connection.

The procedure is simple and fast: it only takes three clicks, for the Museum to come to life in the classroom!

It’s live

The Museum tour takes place in real time! The classroom is “flooded” with live image and sound from the Museum. Through the eyes of the curator / museum educator, students look, examine and learn about the space and exhibits of the Museum.

It’s interactive

Via two-way communication, students converse with the curator / museum educator and ask questions via audio or text. Ans when the tour ends, educational games and artistic activities begin.

Experiential learning, an exciting experience!

For everyone, everywhere

Distance, time and cost are no longer obstacles to a School’s visit to the Museum. From their classrooms, students can now enjoy the unique experiences offered by excellent Museums on the other side of the country, safely and inexpensively!


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