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The Scientists of Nature, Part I: Earth and Terrestrial life

Natural History Museum of Crete - University of Crete

Duration 45 minutes
from 6 to 12 years old
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This educational programme is the first of the two programmes on scientists who study nature.

In this programme, we will get to know the scientists who study the Earth and those who study life on land. It relates to the school books “Environment Study” of the second, third and fourth grade of elementary school, as well as Environmental Education projects in general. Upon reservation of the educational programme, the NHMC provides the school with digital learning support materials, to be used by the class before and after the programme. The overall goals of the programme are the active participation of students in the learning process, the reinforcement of knowledge with the help of exploration and discovery, and learning in a pleasant and fun way.

Following the completion of the programme, students should be able – amongst others – to describe the work of nature scientists, approach various environmental issues using the scientific methodology, develop the scientific thinking and communication, confront a problem or question in an interdisciplinary way, and develop values and behaviours that will help them manage daily problems, through exchanging views and supporting their arguments.

Note: The program is offered per class of a maximum of 30 students

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Curriculum Details

45 minutes Duration
60€ (Reduced) - 100€ (Standard)
English language / Greek language
Suitable for adults / Suitable for students
from 6 to 12 years old
1st Grade / 2nd Grade / 3rd Grade / 4th Grade / 5th Grade / 6th Grade
Natural History Museum of Crete – University of Crete
9:00-15:00 (November-April) και 9:00-18:00 (May-October)
Sofokli Venizelou Avenue (Dermata Bay), PC 71202, Heraklion, Crete

Meet our guides

Liantraki Zoi

Olga Berdiaki