A Christmas Music Mystery

Music Library “Lilian Voudouri” & Peripatos

Duration 45 minutes
from 9 to 12 years old
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Something unexpected happened at the Music Library “Lilian Voudouri” at the Athens Concert Hall!
On the shelves, between books, behind musical instruments, all over the place, walnuts appeared. We clean everything up, but the next day they are everywhere again. How peculiar is that? Will we ever discover the answer to this… Christmas Music Mystery?

This educational programme combines mystery, game and the magic of holidays to present a musical Christmas tale. Pupils will search for musical elements and will solve riddles to reveal the -always current- meanings of one of the most beautiful and touching Christmas stories.

The programme entitled “A Christmas Music Mystery” is a collaboration of the Music Library “Lilian Voudouri” and Peripatos, specially designed for the Museotek platform.

Note: The program is offered per class of a maximum of 30 students

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Curriculum Details

45 minutes Duration
110€ (Standard)
English language
Suitable for students
from 9 to 12 years old
3rd Grade / 4th Grade / 5th Grade / 6th Grade
Music Library "Lilian Voudouri" of The Friends of Music Society"
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00-16:45, Wednesday 10:00-19:00
Vas. Sofias and Kokkali 1, Athens Concert Hall, Athens, 11521

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