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Click on learning

Hellenic IT Museum

Duration 45 minutes
from 9 to 18 years old
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The educational programme of the Hellenic IT Museum entitled “Click on learning” has been specifically designed for all grades of elementary and secondary education, as well as for university students who have special interest in Informatics and Technology. 

The programme offers a tour across the history of information technology, from the first computing media to the way we experience technology today, in our daily life, with the use of smartphones and social media. The programme is based on storytelling and arts, whether they are multimedia or not, as a basic pedagogical tool, so that participants understand in an experiential and pleasant way how technology, which we are so accustomed to in our daily lives, has reached this high level in our times. At the end of the programme, participants imagine through visual activities how far technology can go.

The programme aims to motivate students to practice critical thinking on several issues, such as the contribution of women in technology and the proper use of social networks. 

Note: The program is offered per class of a maximum of 30 students

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45 minutes Duration
60€ (Reduced) - 110€ (Standard)
Greek language
Suitable for adults / Suitable for students
from 9 to 18 years old
3rd Grade / 4th Grade / 5th Grade / 6th Grade / A' Middle School / B' Middle School / C' Middle School / A' High school / B' High school / C' High school
Hellenic IT Museum
Weekdays 10:00-18:00, Weekends: 10:00 - 15:00
Petrou Spyropoulou 2, Moschato

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George Tsekouras