Culture and Prosperity s.c.e.

Cultural Heritage, Performing Arts


Culture and Prosperity s.c.e. is a Social Enterprise which was founded in December 2013 based in Krestena of the Municipality of Andritsaina – Krestena, of the Regional Unit of Ilia, by a group of people who envisioned a cooperative that will have the potential to manage and utilize the national and international experience to become a core of development for the benefit of society. Through a general framework of actions and initiatives in the fields of Education, Culture, Tourism, Sports, and the Agri-food Sector, we have formulated a strategic plan which includes participation in Partnerships and Networks, in the submission of proposals and action plans in National and European Programs, events of cultural and artistic events for the European Music Day in the Municipalities of Andritsaina – Krestena and Zacharo as well as partnerships with local government and the wider public sector.

At the headquarters of the institution operate two co-located structures. The first structure is the Music School an artistic space, which focuses on the education of Music and Music and Movement Education, through experiential employment. The second structure is the Central Knowledge Transfer HUB, which is designed to plan, design, and implement training programs as well as to support the role of the Coordinating Partner of the Thematic Development Partnership “World Park of Olympic Champions”.

Educational Programs
Monday-Friday 17:00-21:00
Xenofontos Krestena Ilias
+30 2625400247

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Vasiliki Charilaou

Musician - Music Educator

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